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Covid Response Museum

The Covid Response Museum


The target inauguration date for the museum is March 25, 2023, which is the third anniversary of mass incarceration of one-sixth of humanity, i.e. India’s first lockdown. To start, the museum will be online. We also encourage people to setup physical museums using the material from this website, under creative commons license: free to share with attribution.

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When Did Trump Change His Mind about Lockdowns?


Consider the incredible timeline here. Trump readily agreed to a two-week lockdown, even though he had no such direct power to order such a thing. He then agreed to a 30-day extension though all reports are that he was upset that he had done so. And even after 36 days, he was publicly critical of Republican governors who proposed a reopening.

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after covid

After Covid: Twelve Challenges for a Shattered World 


No question that the administrative bureaucracies would lock down again under the same or new pretext. Yes, they will face more opposition the next time and trust in their wisdom has fallen off a cliff. But the pandemic response also granted them new powers of surveillance, enforcement, and hegemony. The scientism that drove the response informs everything they do. So the next time, it will be harder to restrain them. 

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Flagellantism Is the New Political Ritual 

Flagellantism Is the New Political Ritual 


It’s not just about eating bugs. It’s about a whole theory and practice of life and salvation itself, a new religion to replace all the old ones. Cough up your government-issued ID, send your package if you must, think twice before complaining about anything on social media, and figure out a way to channel your depression and despair into quiet humble gratitude and acquiescence., Don’t forget to recycle. The flagellants have taken over the world.

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The Nudge: Ethically Dubious and Ineffective


By going with the grain of how we think and act, the state-employed ‘nudgers’ can covertly shape our behaviour in a direction deemed desirable by the regime of the day – an appealing prospect for any government. The ubiquitous deployment of these behavioural strategies – which frequently rely on inflating emotional distress to change behaviour – raises profound moral questions.

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End This Emergency


Along with fellow scholars at the Ethics and Public Policy Center I sent a letter today to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, urging him to immediately revoke his declaration that a Covid-19 public health emergency exists. The current emergency declaration, which was renewed for the 8th time on January 16, is set to expire next month. 

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We Need Truth and Justice


The free world is stuck tallying the costs of its catastrophic foray into totalitarianism. Most of these costs were predicted well before the policies were ever implemented. Hundreds of millions have gone hungry. An entire generation of children has been abused and traumatized. Young people were robbed of some of their brightest years. Small businesses and those who depended on them lost their livelihoods. Trillions of dollars were transferred from the world’s poorest to its very richest.

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The Cure Was Vastly Worse than the Disease 


If we don’t keep speaking out about the horrors that the “public health” mafia, liberal elite, and mainstream scientific narrative has wrought upon us, we will continue down a path toward tyranny of a tiny coterie of “experts” who have perhaps intentionally led us into a miasma of destroyed human lives and societies. 

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