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Articles about Government at Brownstone Institute feature opinion and analysis of government agencies and their impact on economics, public health, public dialog, and social life. Government articles are auto-translated into multiple languages.


State Power and Covid Crimes: Part 1


Governments were able to mobilise members of the public to exert peer pressure and societal coercion to enforce compliance, backed by often brutal police coercion against pockets of resistance and protest. In retrospect, it’s doubtful if the degree of state and social coercion deployed to increase vaccine uptake would have been possible without the ground having first been prepared with lockdowns and masks.

lies my government told me

Introduction to Lies My Government Told Me


This book is intended to serve as a first draft of an alternative dissenting version of history, as a recitation of the lies and harms that have been inflicted on all of us, and a means to help you make sense out of the bewildering array of lived events. My hope is that it will also help us all process our collective experiences, and will help us to derive lessons and identify actions that we might take to move towards a better future, informed by this global experience which we have all shared.

Government’s National Security Arm Took Charge During the Covid Response


HHS – the agency designated by statute and experience to handle public health crises – was removed, and FEMA – the agency designated by statute and experience to “help people before, during and after disasters” like earthquakes and fires – was put in charge. But the pandemic planning document was not updated to reflect that change or how that change would affect the Covid response.

US Government Officials Dumped Stocks Prior to Lockdowns, Report Shows


In an explosive new report from the Wall Street Journal, leading health officials began offloading stocks at truly unprecedented rates in January 2020—well before the COVID-19 emergency was declared—with officials at the US Department of Health and Human Services selling 60% more stocks in January 2020 than average over the previous 12 months.

Government by the People: Is It Possible?


You can bet that this real transfer of power to the people will be strongly resisted by most elite individuals and institutions. They will loudly proclaim every single reason they can think of for why it is a crazy, impossible idea, and get “experts” from their networks to loudly profess the silliness of even proposing the notion. This vitriolic denigration is exactly the measure of how badly we need to loosen their grip on power and change the system they have entrenched for their own benefit.

The CDC’s “Community Level” Tool Is Broken


Once a government agency, business or school adopts the CDC’s Community Level tool, flexibility to make masking decisions based on accurate local data and prevalence of vaccines and treatments in a local community are completely removed. Instead, the owner of a complex, inaccurate CDC database is managing all your decisions related to COVID-19.

The CDC Failed, So Spin It Off and Make It More Powerful?


Don’t be fooled by any appearance of contrition on the part of the CDC. They still have a legal appeal in process that would put a mask back on your face when traveling. The new agency to which its pandemic responsibilities will be transferred will have a 1,000-person staff to start, people paid the big bucks to sit around coming up with new ways to whip up disease panic and start another crackdown. 

A Deeper Dive Into the CDC Reversal 


How many people on the planet have now been acculturated to top-down control, socialized to live in fear, accept whatever comes down from above, never to question an edict, and expect to live in a world of rolling man-made disasters? And was that the point after all, to breed low expectations for life on earth and relinquish the soul’s desire for a full and free life? 

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