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Thoughts on the Pulitzer Prize for Covid Coverage


SHARE | PRINT | EMAILWhat a way to top off a year-and-a-half-long collapse of public confidence in once-respected institutions! The Pulitzer Prize committee has given its award for “public service” to the New York Times for its team of reporters working on COVID-19. Stunning. As much as I’ve doubted the credibility of the …

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Lessons Taught by the Lockdowns of 2020


“I had hoped that the fires of liberty, burning within the hearts of the American public, would have been strong enough to stop this kind of tyranny from being visited upon us. I would have predicted massive pushback, but it did not happen for a good part of the year. People were mired in fear and confusion. It felt like wartime, with a population traumatized by shock and awe.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

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