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The Disastrous High-Tech War on a Pathogen


If we carefully analyze each aspect of “world war” on Covid-19, we can see how each tactic and high-tech “weapon” has harmed human health, destabilized civil society, and possibly disrupted the ecological balance between the human population and the virus, while enriching private interests and empowering financially captured government regulators. 

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The Demonization of Dissent


It is dangerously naive to dismiss this spike in vaccine hesitancy as the deluded actions of an indoctrinated minority of crackpots who must be brought to their senses. Denouncing parents who raise reasonable questions and challenges about risk/benefit for their children as heretic anti-vaxxers, as the public health machine in the US and UK has done repeatedly, is proving equally self-defeating. 

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The Cult That Took My Michael


Michael lost more than two years of high school, his junior and senior years. Classes were conducted on Zoom, then later, two days per week in person, masked, and the other days on the computer. When school resumed in person, five days per week, students were masked and prohibited from sitting together at lunch and socializing normally. Fear infused every aspect of school. 

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Missouri and Louisiana Attorneys General Sue the Biden Administration Over Free Speech


The state attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana have filed suit against the Biden administration. Among the plaintiffs are Brownstone Senior Scholars Martin Kulldorff, Jay Bhattacharya, and Aaron Kheriaty who have experienced this censorship first hand. The case is joined by the New Civil Liberties Alliance and filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Monroe Division. 

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rights of previously infected

The Rights of the Previously Infected


Suppose for the sake of argument that you accept natural immunity as equally good or better than vaccine-induced immunity in protecting from severe disease. What are the ethical consequences? Vaccinating the recovered without informing them that they don’t need it violates both the principles of informed consent and the classic medical ethic of not treating without necessity. Doses are wasted on the immune instead of saving the lives of the vulnerable in developing countries. 

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Data Theft and Government Power


In the United States, according to Bennett Cyphers, a technologist who focuses on consumer privacy and state legislation, data brokers have formed an unholy alliance with the country’s military, intelligence communities, and law enforcement agencies. This immense, highly secretive partnership was established for one reason and one reason only—to surveil the actions and activities of U.S. citizens.

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Just How Healthy Are These Labor Markets?


These troubles came about with the beginnings of lockdowns based on the outrageous presumption that “the economy” could be turned off and then turned on again. In so doing, governments privileged some and harmed others, creating a caste system based on skills and technologies, and then, eventually, vaccine status. 

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