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The Selfish Collective


A truly prosocial approach would not shut out all other goals and insist on one way forward. It would take into account the different priorities and viewpoints of various factions or individuals, approach them with respect, and ask how to best facilitate some sort of harmony among their needs. Instead of prescribing behavior onto others it would advocate for dialogue and open debate, and it would celebrate differences of opinion. 

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Osterism Won’t Prevent March 2020 From Happening Again


Oster’s implicit claim that next-to-nothing was known about SARS-CoV-2 – and therefore all the pointless, unethical, and illegal things people were forced to do are understandable – isn’t the pathway to healing, because it’s dishonest. Inexplicably, she denies that, from the get-go, we knew Covid’s stratified risks and the harms of coerced interventions.

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The Book We Need and Only Justin Hart Could Write 


Hart is one of the few intellectuals who was correct about the whole hullabaloo from the very beginning. Therefore he doesn’t need to embark among some silly dance in which restrictions were fine in the beginning but later became too much. Nope: he kept his wits about him the whole time. Thus does he have the credibility to write without apologies. 

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The War on Humanity Continues


As I walked around an unadorned neighborhood that should have been full of Halloween symbols in that late October season, I began to rage inwardly at the realization that so many parents genuinely believed they were protecting their children when they deprived them of a public celebration, however innocuous.

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Science Misconceived: How the Covid Epoch Wrecked Understanding


The pandemic along with the slogan, “Trust the science” has altered the desired perspective from one of healthy skepticism to blind acceptance. Such non-critical acceptance of any data, let alone research occurring at “the speed of science,” should give pause. Science moves forward when objections are made and hypotheses are fine-tuned, not when agreement ensues simply because an authority has decreed it so. 

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Bravo, Elon!


Twitter’s phony “content moderation” operation was not unique, but symptomatic of a much broader perversion of corporate management throughout Silicon Valley and much of corporate America, too. In a word, the stock market was so fantastically over-valued owing to the Fed’s egregious money-printing that executives were given leave to pursue their political and ideological hobby horses on a whim, rather than keep their noses on the grindstone of profit and loss.

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The Duplicitous Dr. Fauci and His Backpedaling


Fauci denies that he had anything to do with school closures, but the record is clear that he advocated against schools opening in areas where the coronavirus was spreading (which was everywhere), and if they did open, there needed to be face masks, and social distancing, and test-to-stay, and quarantining of healthy people who sat too close to someone who tested positive, and onerous sanitizing, and on and on. The Covid measures for children in school, and college students, were expensive, miserable, and unnecessary, as their age groups are at almost zero risk for serious Covid infection.

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Where’s BioNTech? The EU Parliament’s “Pfizer Hearing” Farce


The problem is not corruption. It is rather a flagrant conflict of interest that was built into the EU’s authorization and procurement process right from the start, but that remains invisible so long as BioNTech is ignored. This is presumably why the company was persona non grata at the hearing of the EU Parliament’s committee on Covid: officially known as the COVI (sic) Committee.

Where’s BioNTech? The EU Parliament’s “Pfizer Hearing” Farce Read More »

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