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Brownstone » Education » Page 9


Education articles feature analysis of education policy, universities, trends, and current events.

Including impacts on social life, public health, freedom of speech, and personal liberty.

All Brownstone Institute education articles are translated into multiple languages.


Dear Stanford: I Will Not Spend Another Semester Locked Down


I am 31 years old, and I do not want to feel like I am being monitored and punished like a teenager for making my own decisions about how to live my life. I do not trust Stanford or county public health officials to protect my right to live my life as I see fit or respect me as an adult to make such choices.

Dear Stanford: I Will Not Spend Another Semester Locked Down Read More »


Farewell, University of California


In violation of every basic principle of just and fair employment, the University tried to prevent me from doing any outside professional activities while I was on unpaid suspension. In an effort to pressure me to resign, they wanted to restrict my ability to earn an income not only at the University but outside the University as well. It was dizzying and at times surreal.

Farewell, University of California Read More »

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