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Brownstone » History » Page 24


History articles feature analysis of historical context in relation to censorship, policy, technology, media, economics, and social life.

All Brownstone Institute articles on the topic of history are translated into multiple languages.

Crimson Contagion

What Is Crimson Contagion?


The 2019 tabletop exercise involved a huge number of public-sector agencies across all states plus many private-sector associations. It postulated a disease scenario in which a respiratory virus begins in China and spreads around the world by air travelers. It is first detected in Chicago. The World Health Organization declares a pandemic 47 days later.

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Drosten Wuhan

Christian Drosten and the “Bat Woman” of Wuhan


When asked about the possibility of a lab leak in a November 2021 interview with the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Drosten insisted that “I have no personal connection to the people in Wuhan and have never been at the [Wuhan] Institute [of Virology].” The above photo makes clear that he and Shi are not perfect strangers at any rate.

Christian Drosten and the “Bat Woman” of Wuhan Read More »

always about control

It Was Always About Control


Once upon a time, we sweated on daily case numbers when the new cases per day were less than 10; now we barely think of them, and they are in the thousands, if not the tens of thousands. There’s only one conclusion to be drawn – it was never about public health, and it still isn’t. It was always about control.

It Was Always About Control Read More »

lab leak theory wuhan

The Other Lab in Wuhan: The German-Chinese “Laboratory for Virus Research”


Astonishingly, in early September 2019, only three months before the allegedly initial outbreak of Covid-19 just a stone’s throw from Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, then German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to none other than…Tongji Hospital in Wuhan! The hospital is also known as the German-Chinese Friendship Hospital.

The Other Lab in Wuhan: The German-Chinese “Laboratory for Virus Research” Read More »


The Great Overreaction


Illogical fear, driven by a hyperactive media, and by cowardly and controlling government leaders and public health authorities ruled the day. One of the most insidious results of our descent into ignorance about medicine, and our discarding of social contracts and human rights, was the rise of self-righteous intolerance for, and censorship of, anyone who questioned what was happening.

The Great Overreaction Read More »

The SBF Scandal: The Players and the Money

The SBF Scandal: The Players and the Money


Building off the success of Bill Gates, Sam Bankman-Fried, and his many associates, clearly saw philanthropy as the path to influence, power, and protection. At the same time, many nonprofit organizations saw an opportunity too; to build their own empires through promised millions and billions from a crypto genius in the Bahamas who had an unusual passion for pandemic planning. 

The SBF Scandal: The Players and the Money Read More »


Setting the Record Straight on Ivermectin


Ivermectin has a distinguished history, and it may have benefits comparable to those of penicillin. The anti-parasitic’s discovery led to a Nobel Prize and subsequent billions of safe administrations around the world, even among children and pregnant women. “Ivermectin is widely available worldwide, inexpensive, and one of the safest drugs in modern medicine.”

Setting the Record Straight on Ivermectin Read More »

limited information

The “Limited Information” Claim Damns Them


The most basic duty of policy-makers is the honest consideration of all reasonably available information that bears on the consequences of their actions – and in so doing, to take care in some proportion to the potential (let alone, the predicted) magnitude of the consequences of those actions. It is the duty of due diligence. Almost all American officials were derelict in that duty.

The “Limited Information” Claim Damns Them Read More »

pandemic history

Pandemic History, Retold and Adjusted for Financial Return


The rapidly-growing pandemic preparedness industry is dominating global public health and proving increasingly lucrative. Past authoritarian approaches of the type relied heavily on revising history to lend credence to their claims. Here follows such an attempt, recommended as background for their next round of white papers.

Pandemic History, Retold and Adjusted for Financial Return Read More »

lies my government told me

Introduction to Lies My Government Told Me


This book is intended to serve as a first draft of an alternative dissenting version of history, as a recitation of the lies and harms that have been inflicted on all of us, and a means to help you make sense out of the bewildering array of lived events. My hope is that it will also help us all process our collective experiences, and will help us to derive lessons and identify actions that we might take to move towards a better future, informed by this global experience which we have all shared.

Introduction to Lies My Government Told Me Read More »

What is CISA?

What Is CISA and Why Does It Matter?


The whole country fell into complete shambles and trauma for the better part of 2020, leading up to the November elections that gutted Republican control of Congress and flipped the White House. We are now finding out with piles of evidence that this was the ambition of many employees at Twitter, including the general counsel who ended up as a consultant to the very agency that issued the stay-home advisory. 

What Is CISA and Why Does It Matter? Read More »

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