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Brownstone » History » Page 23


They Wanted to Sweep it All Under the Rug 


At Brownstone Institute, we’ve made it our mission to connect the dots. We do it every day with the best analysis, research, and commentary. We’ve made all these subjects impossible to ignore. Our thinking is that we have to get this history right, and understand all the cause-and-effect relationships, or we risk repeating the whole calamity under another excuse. 

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A Small Town, Lost to Lockdowns and Mandates


When you drive to Millerton, it looks like you are driving into the heart of archetypal America; Psychically, emotionally, there is blood flowing in the streets; and bodies are stacked up, invisible, in front of the candy stores, the high end wine stores, the pretty memorials to the World War Two dead; outside the farmers’ market on Saturdays, outside the tapas bars. 

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Evidence of Early Spread in the US: What We Know


We don’t know when these people in the three Western states (or the other six Midwestern and Northeast states) may have been infected – but for probably most of them it would have been many weeks or even months before they donated blood.That is, the “Red Cross blood study” provides compelling evidence that early spread in America probably occurred by at least early October and perhaps even September.

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Was there a Covid Response Plan? If So, Where Is It?


The US government’s long-established pandemic response plans were not followed at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and nothing seems to have taken their place. How could this be? Surely, there is a document telling the American people, politicians, public health leaders and state and local governments what our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is widely described as the biggest disaster to afflict us in the 21st century, was meant to be.

Was there a Covid Response Plan? If So, Where Is It? Read More »

A Mom-Led Rebellion


There was no mistake. There was a political calculation that harmed us, but even more, that harmed our children. The harm was considered acceptable because those who undertook it, took the votes of women for granted. They assumed they could lie and manipulate us into believing these harms were necessary, or barring that, unintentional. If we, as women, want our votes to be courted in the future by either party, we must vote to punish the past three years treachery. 

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Maybe the Fed Too Was Trolled 


There will be no going back to 2019 prices in any sector. Powell knows this. He hates it but he is determined not to be blamed for it. For his part, he believes the blame lies elsewhere: with the apocalyptics, the conspirators, a profligate Congress, a confused President, and the shadowy bunch in the national security state. With them, and under this scenario, he is not likely on speaking terms. 

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What Happened to the Idea of Progress?


Like people, paradigms get tired, mostly because the humans that work within them, as Kuhn suggested, increasingly lose touch with the problems that originally elicited in them the intense and sacrifice-laden drive to create urgently desired new things. But humans aren’t always very good at recognizing when they have begun going through the motions. This is especially so with those in the thrall of a purely linear vision of time in which the perennial reality of intellectual and spiritual regression is afforded no legitimate space. 

What Happened to the Idea of Progress? Read More »

We Must Have Accountability


The current crop of failed fearmongering virus prophets coupled with the low-uptake of boosters is stark and terrible reminder that the institutions that prided themselves on public health damaged the public trust more than anything else. Your trust should be in the bedrock of our Constitution, not in some self-endowed title of “science.”  Public trust in our institutions is sinking and it will require a public trial of our policy decisions to right the ship.

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