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Brownstone » Law » Page 23


Reparations for the Business Victims of Lockdowns 


The lockdowns were and are an intolerable attack on property rights, the freedom of association, free enterprise, and basic rights of trade and exchange that have been a bedrock of a thriving economy since the ancient world. They were also without precedent on this scale. We need a clear statement from the top that this was wrong, and did not achieve the aims. A well-constructed reparations package would make the point. 

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“The Honking Will Continue”: A Conversation With BJ Dichter


BJ Dichter is one of the organizers of the Canadian Truckers for Freedom Convoy and its media spokesman. We had an opportunity to speak with him earlier this week about the situation in Ottawa, the convoy’s strategy and about some of the political elements that are at play as this extremely fluid situation makes headlines and continues to inspire people all over the world. 

“The Honking Will Continue”: A Conversation With BJ Dichter Read More »

The Power of Protest 


Freedom can win in the long run. And the world will be rebuilt, on a much more solid foundation than was present two years ago. We tried an experiment in tyranny. It flopped. Despite the enormous cost of what took place, we will all find ourselves in a good position to see a rebirth of liberty, human rights, and prosperity on the other side. 

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The Canadians on the Bridge


If we are willing to let the fat and happy among us call for the seizure of protest funds, and for violent military intervention against truckers and supporters, only because we find some of those participating to be particularly “deplorable,” we are no longer the progressive Canadians we claim to be.

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Why Academia Is Drawn to Fascism


Central to the lure of fascism is the lie that power will not corrupt us. As illustrated poignantly in The Hobbit, the lure of fascism – even to the morally upright person – is the delusion that he can both hold absolute power and continue to be a morally good person. By succumbing to the lure of power, an otherwise good person succumbs to the lie that power corrupts everyone else, but not himself, because he is Better.

Why Academia Is Drawn to Fascism Read More »

Trudeau Is Playing with Fire


Will Justin Trudeau back down and negotiate? Capitulate? Or will Trudeau’s classless verbal attacks morph into physical retaliation against the mostly working class truckers, their supporters on the ground in Ottawa and the millions of Canadians who also disagree with him and his sweeping mandates and are demanding their freedom?

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Bureaucrats Riding the Omicron Wave


Repeat after me: Keep our community safe. Keep our campus safe. We will be safe if you all behave safely. Safety is our first priority. If you’re not with us, you’re with the virus. Still today, at places like Princeton, grievances can often only be aired in private about the constant dreary pronouncements from official authorities purporting to be so very concerned for your health and safety, yadda yadda yadda.

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Ontario the Cruel


The children of Ontario are victims of nearly two solid years of psychologically and emotionally damaging messages emanating from public health officials and social media celebrity doctors about how dangerous they are to the people they love; that they are dirty disease carriers, that they could be ‘granny killers’ and inadvertently pass along a deadly virus to their loved ones. They could murder their grandparents! In turn, many Ontario parents have been rendered so utterly terrified about the exaggerated risks to their children from Covid-19 that they are now fully convinced that all children are a health risk to others. 

Ontario the Cruel Read More »

Defeat the Mandates

The DC Rally and the Rise of the Resistance


By long American tradition, protest movements manifest themselves most fully in gatherings in Washington, D.C, starting at the Washington Monument and culminating in speeches at the Lincoln Memorial. At long last, after two years of astonishing attacks on fundamental rights that most everyone once believed were protected by the U.S. Constitution, this happened today, January 23, 2022. 

The DC Rally and the Rise of the Resistance Read More »

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