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Brownstone » Policy » Page 48


Brownstone Institute Policy articles feature opinion and analysis of global policy in news, economics, public health, public dialog, and social life. Policy articles are machine-translated into multiple languages.

Harvard Epidemiologist Censored by LinkedIn for Defending Healthcare Jobs


In taking this action, LinkedIn has denied crucial information to millions of professionals who deserve to hear a different opinion about the mass firings taking place in light of the vaccine mandates that contradict the known science and freedom in the marketplace for jobs. The move is a direct hit against workers and their career aspirations. 

Freedom Won the Lockdown Battle


In America, due to government edicts, our overall health declined, we got sicker, we saw an unprecedented obesity increase, among other issues caused by “public health” interventions. Far from solving the virus issue at hand, it’s become clear that all of these mandates and restrictions just added additional problems on top of the issue of an endemic seasonal virus.

The Mandatory Vaccine Insanity Must Stop


Unless the courts strike it down, soon every worker who works for a firm with more than 100 employees will have to be vaccinated or undergo a weekly Covid test. Already, major events and conferences are requiring this (including one I’ll be at next week). Healthcare workers who have put themselves at risk the entirety of the pandemic – many if not most of whom are naturally immune – are literally being fired.

Introducing Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Surgeon General of Florida: Video and Transcript


His appointment in Florida has been cheered by the many people who have worked for 20 months to draw attention to the data, traditional public health principles, the known science behind viruses and epidemics, the priority of therapeutics over vaccine mandates, as well as the values of freedom and human rights. 

Will There Be Backlash?


The gains secured through corruption and abuses of power are likely to remain in the claws of those who grabbed them, a prediction supported by the scarcity in human history of examples in which those who abused their positions have later been punished and stripped of their wealth. 

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