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The Paucity of Evidence for Mandated Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters


Given these overall randomized trial findings regarding covid-19 vaccine boosters—absence of even a short- term reduction in mild covid-19 infections in those with natural immunity, and no data establishing that boosters prevent covid-19 hospitalizations, deaths, or SARS-CoV-2 transmission—there is no rational, evidence-based justification for covid-19 vaccine “booster mandates.” 

Well-Structured German Study Shows No Deaths among Healthy German Kids Ages 5 to 11


These results put risk to kids in perspective. They show us that school closure was wrong. They make you think of easy questions: What is the upper bound benefit for masking a 6 year old in school? Hint: even if it works (Psst unproven) it won’t be big. And, this info also suggests difficult questions: Does a healthy 8 year old who already had Covid-19 benefit from vaccination?

Vaccine Mandates: Unscientific, Divisive, and Enormously Costly


Simply put, the very best scientific study design currently available to mankind was not used to answer the most important outcomes, and the randomized trials do not support the widely held contention that COVID-19 vaccination using the Pfizer or Moderna brands lowers risk of death. This is unfortunately not the first time that FDA has approved a product based on a less important surrogate end-point rather than the key outcomes of interest. 

Why Bill Gates Is Pivoting on Existing Covid Vaccines


Once you understand the simplicity of his core confusions, everything else he says makes sense from his point of view. He seems forever stuck in the fallacy that the human being is a cog in a massive machine called society that cries out for his managerial and technological leadership to improve to the point of operational perfection.

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Extensive Efficacy Studies that Rebuke Vaccine Mandates


What these studies show, are that vaccines are important to reduce severe disease and death, but unable to prevent the disease from spreading and eventually infect most of us. That is, while the vaccines provide individual benefits to the vaccinee, and especially to older high-risk people, the public benefit of universal vaccination is in grave doubt. As such, Covid vaccines should not be expected to contribute to eliminating the communal spread of the virus or the reaching of herd immunity. This unravels the rationale for vaccine mandates and passports. 

Mandated Vaccines

Where Is the Science or Logic Behind Mandated Vaccines?


The people at Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and even frontline healthcare workers understand the science and data behind the vaccines better than anyone. If even a large minority of these people are reluctant or refuse to get vaccinated, it should tell us all something. COVID-19 is not a one-size-fits-all disease and should not be treated as such. 

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